Management team

Executive Director

 Deborah Valentine

Operations Manager

 Qin Cai

Advertising/Relationship Management

 Fontemaria Totaro


 Madhavi Ajgaonkar-Mistry

Community Education

 Dympna Byrne

Computer Services

 John Pellet

Counselling Services

 Steve Davies

Event Management

 Corolina Isola

Magazine Editor

 Kelly Merks

Web Editor

 Aditi Vaishampayan


 Margaret Holland


 Magdalini Zografou

Information Research

 Heiner Pierenkemper

Project Manager Utrecht

 Danielle Ziermans

Project Manager Amsterdam

 Mona Hassan

Project Coordinator The Hague

 Silpa Jethwa

Project Coordinator Leiden

 Qin Cai

Volunteer Resources

 Alena Pristicova

Welcome to The Hague


 Vinod Colaco and Qin Cai



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