Volunteer team

ACCESS relies on its English-speaking international and Dutch volunteers who enjoy helping others adjust to life in the Netherlands, and benefit themselves by being active in the community and making new friends. We have approximately 115 volunteers from more than 35 different nationalities. Volunteers contribute their time, talents, effort and skills in order to help others by developing, researching and providing information and services.


There are several ways to contribute as an ACCESS Volunteer. See more details on the departments, the volunteer profiles and information mornings here


«  My ACCESS involvement allowed me to use my competencies :analysing, empathising, and organising events. » Roy Lie-A-Tjam


«  My interest in multicultural issues is one reason I volunteered with ACCESS. The organisation shows how a diverse workforce can work successfully and effectively. » Christine Fischer


«  If you are new and have nobody to help you, help yourself. I looked for help and found ACCESS. Now I have more expats friends than Dutch friends. » Queendolly Verhoeve.


«  It's a nice experience getting to know a diverse group. » Qin Cai

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