ACCESS Publications

ACCESS is very proud of our publications, which are written or selected by the volunteers and provide valuable information on many aspects of life in the Netherlands. Publications are in English and can be read online, found at various distribution points (such as Expat Centres), bought from our office or from our online shop. These publications reach the international community throughout the Netherlands and are even referred to by newcomers prior to their arrival.



Our free quarterly ACCESS Magazine contains a series of diverse articles of interest to the international community as well as What's On in the community.



The magazine is available in print at various locations, online, and is distributed through the intranets/networks of our partners and international companies/organisations and schools.


FAQ Guides

ACCESS volunteers compile the very popular and useful ACCESS Guides which are based on frequently asked questions received at our helpdesk on settling in and living in the Netherlands.


Your first steps guide to settling in The Hague

A comprehensive, practical guide to arriving and getting settled in the areas in and around The Hague. Researched and written from the point of view, and experience, of expats themselves this handy guide is a must have for internationals arriving or preparing to relocate to the Netherlands.

This compact guide provides recommendations for the first few months as well as being a resource for the questions in the months, perhaps years, thereafter.

Available for individual sale via the ACCESS website 5/copy plus shipping and handling ... OR  ….in bulk quantities, for HR Departments of international employers.

Preview available here.



In our features, members of the community contribute their expertise and experience regarding a variety of topics relevant to living in the Netherlands. Among contributors to these are: ACCESS volunteers, ACCESS trainers, ACCESS Counsellors, ACCESS Partners, representatives of expat communities living in the Netherlands. A varied selection of topics are covered, all aimed at informing and contributing to a successful relocation to the Netherlands. Discover some of these here.


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