ACCESS Magazine - Autumn 2011

Autumn 2011

Autumn 2011

Letter from the joint Executive Directors

We consider ourselves pretty fortunate to be able to pen a letter in this, ACCESS's 25th Anniversary commemorative issue. The insert which accompanies this issue provides an impressive review of where ACCESS came from and what it has been able to accomplish in its first quarter century. And, as plans more forward to revamp our website, we look forward to sharing with you what ACCESS has meant to people over the years, and how we plan to continue to fulfil our mission, to help individuals settle comfortably in this, their new home.

A review of the past, the origins as well as the more recent experience, has also provided the Board of ACCESS and us with the opportunity to think of the future. From our 'on the ground' experience we know we help countless individuals, families settle with ease in the Netherlands. We know that without ACCESS many human resource departments would be inundated with questions and queries and many relocations would not be as successful as they can be. Countless studies indicate that the breaking point for a successful relocation depends on meeting the needs of partners and families. And, this, attending to those needs, is what ACCESS does in so many ways. Regretfully many businesses and organisations seem to think that they do not need to financially support us to give support to their employees. In order to meet the challenges of doing more with less, a renewed course will be set for ACCESS for it is the Board's conviction, and that of many others, that the need for ACCESS is as valid today as it was 25 years ago.

In the pages which follow we continue to invite writers to share with you, us, facts and figures, impressions and information about the Netherlands and being an expatriate which support the establishment of a positive outlook of living here, and encourage a successful relocation experience.

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