ACCESS Magazine - Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Walking in my local wood recently with my friend visiting from Perth, Australia, we spotted the first snowdrops.  Spring has arrived! Perth only has two seasons; I lived there for seven years as a British expat before I came to the Netherlands.  The four, distinct seasons we have here is something I have learnt to cherish, and something my friend misses.

The move to a new country is often a time for change, and we lead this Spring issues with an article on expat entrepreneurs; their stories and tips for you on how to set up your own business.  For those who prefer something a little more leisurely, our travel article features Texel, one of the islands in the north.  As a family, we're guilty of not exploring the Netherlands as we could and this article reminds us all of the beautiful country in which we live.  I would also nudge you to visit Keukenhof, a celebration of Holland and an event we visit every year - with or without visitors.

This is a fantastic year for ACCESS, as we celebrate 25 years of serving the international expatriate community in the Netherlands.  We'll tell you more about the celebrations in our Summer issue.  We're always looking for new volunteers, but are particularly in need of people with event management experience to help us over the next few months.  Please do contact me.

Finally, I have to end on a sad note.  ACCESS is a non-profit organisation and consequently has to be particularly careful about how our funds are spent.  We recently announced that we are closing our Amsterdam office and centralising our national service in a single office in The Hague, that can be contacted on 0900 2 ACCESS and  We will continue to be active in the Amsterdam region with many volunteers still based there.  I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all those volunteers who have dedicated their time to helping the international community in Amsterdam.

Lucie Scott

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