ACCESS Magazine - Winter 2010

Winter 2010

Winter 2010

As the new Editor of ACCESS Magazine I'm thoroughly excited to welcome you to the Winter issue. We've tried really hard to cover practical advice and to include stories that will help you settle into your life in the Netherlands. We'd love to know more about what concerns you and what you think about the magazine, so please email me your thoughts at the address provided.

Approaching my second winter in the Netherlands, I have been bracing myself for what I know is to come. I've invested in a pair of good wellies, snowboots, and some waterproof trousers so I feel ready for the onslaught. Now I'm fully equipped, I find I'm rather embracing the arrival of winter. Rain, wind, snow and cold - do your worst! I'm determined to join in with the sturdy Dutch and their attitude that hey, life goes on - there's really no need to ditch the bike.

It's quite a change for me, having spent the last eighteen months tucked up at my desk at work on a novel (not yet published). Never-ending showers or galeforce winds would easily keep me indoors all day. Now, having worked for ACCESS since October 2010, I find there are appointments to keep, people to meet, meetings
to attend - so no hibernation for me this year!

Seriously though, my new role working on this magazine and in the near future launching ACCESS's new website, is an opportunity. I'm very grateful for. I'm sure there are many like me out there who have been frustrated at the lack of job opportunities for expats at the moment. Volunteer work is a brilliant way to make
use of your skills and professional experience whilst out of work.

At ACCESS we're lucky to have so many enthusiastic volunteers helping us to provide our services and we couldn't operate without them. Please contact us to find out more - we have a range of opportunities for those who are interested.

Lastly, happy reading everyone!

Cathy Leung


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