Autumn 2012 e-zine

ACCESS Autumn 2012 e-zine

ACCESS Autumn 2012 e-zine

Delve into Dutch literature and film


Dear ACCESS readers

This autumn issue of ACCESS e-zine celebrates two of my very favourite things: books and films. I can still remember as a young child when I first learned to read and all of the letters on the page suddenly made sense; it was an epiphany, and the beginning of a life-long love of, and journey into, the world of literature, and of course, film.

How often in the expression of thought on the printed page (or website screen) have you read something so incredibly well crafted that in the re-reading you wished you had written something so perfect yourself. Words move us, resonate, and speak to us, as do films, in the shorter cinematic version of a director’s vision, combined with the actor’s expressive interpretation.

Books and films express the universal condition, from the absurd to the sublime. We are curious about others, the world we live in, emotions we share, and exploring our commonalities and differences. Books allow us to learn. We are challenged to question our tightly-held views, change our perceptions, open our hearts to a myriad of possibilities, to be repulsed by horrors, reduced to tears or enticed by passion, and dare to dream. Drama, comedy, documentary - embrace all there is - visit bookshops, libraries, cinemas or online offerings, expand your knowledge, be entertained, enlightened, enjoy.

Contemplating the reviews of Dutch literature and film, should help our readers identify with their new home, and to understand the world we are living in. Moreover, travel tips, fairs and friendships offer new experiences for shared stories. We hope you will enjoy reading this issue, our ACCESS guides and the website!


Connie Moser

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