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Dutch architecture: bold, stylish & curious

Dutch architecture: bold, stylish & curious


Dear ACCESS readers

A skyline forms an iconic trademark for a city, recognisable, yet changing with the construction of each new structure. Quaint Dutch villages, 17th century canal houses, and new residential developments all add their own charms.

In this issue we take a look at Dutch architecture, as it builds on a legacy of humble dwellings, castles, villas, museums, to living on water, all incorporating various schools of design. Respect for history and heritage through restoration and renovation is evident, as well as pushing the boundaries to urbane modernism and futuristic creations.

We are familiar with many building styles, each from our own cultures, where we have lived, or travelled to. We make comparisons with the new and unfamiliar, yet welcoming environment. Hospitality is experienced in sharing our commonalities. With the people who share these spaces, whether for public or private use, they are the heartbeat of a city.

Architects have dynamic vision. They design, create, exchange ideas, and build structures to meet specifications, thinking about interior and exterior space and multifunctional uses.

It’s a lot like here at ACCESS, each global traveller volunteering his/her own ideas and time, working together, contributing to the greater good, building bridges of communications. Like the bricks and mortar, steel and glass that keep it all intact, we all benefit from the results of building a strong international community, supporting one another.

So maintain your balance, be content in the space you occupy at work, at home, and in your community. Enjoy life, within and without.

Happy reading!

Connie Moser


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