Autumn 2015 e-zine

Dutch Water Ways

Dutch Water Ways

Water is an inescapable element of the Dutch landscape and lifestyle. Not long after arriving, many internationals are bemused to discover how much of the country is actually BELOW sea level, and curious to discover how this is ‘managed’. Upon realisation of the work and expertise involved, bemusement turns to admiration and appreciation of the wealth of natural treasures on offer. Marshlands, walking routes, nature reserves: all acquire a new purpose.

In this issue we explore new threats and ingenuity at play in the fight to prevent the country from flooding, from both rivers inland and the sea further out; we discover the global significance of the Waddenzee and how we can help look after it; take stock of the myriad of water related activities there are to do for families, and learn about how some Dutch architects are looking to water as new foundations for living, working, and vacationing.

But this issue is not all about water. You will also find tips and links for the expat-preneur community; advice on how to take advantage of being in a country where the children are among the happiest in the world and yet another delicious recipe inspired by the Dutch waterways: mussels… in beer to keep it local.

As autumn marks the arrival of many internationals to the Netherlands, we take this opportunity to welcome you to your new home. And, for those returning after their first home-leave, or simply from vacation, this welcome holds new meaning: for surely you now feel more at home than you did when you first arrived. Know that we at ACCESS know what if feels like, to be arriving or returning, and we are here to answer any questions you may have, or support you in any way.

Happy reading from all of us at ACCESS.


Deborah Valentine

Executive Director


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