Spring 2014

Securing our future

Securing our future

The ACCESS e-zine is not a current affairs magazine. Our aim and purpose remain covering topics which inform internationals about Dutch related subjects in order to ease their settlement in the Netherlands. If not yet able to communicate with Dutch neighbours or acquaintances in Dutch – perhaps on a Dutch subject matter, engagement can be made. At least, that is how we approach our topics.

Yet, with the impending  Nuclear Security Summit about to take place around the corner from our office, we could not avoid delving into a very current theme: security. It is a subject, which in one way or another, touches us all in this increasingly  interconnected global world, and every day not only are ‘threats’ reported on, but so too are ‘solutions’. One of these ‘solutions’ is also taking place on our doorstep in The Hague. Karen Slingenberg introduces us to the  innovative and fast growing activities of the Hague Security Delta, sure to make significant contributions to how we can protect  ourselves better in the face of cybercrime.

As is our habit we then go with the theme of choice and explore a few  other somewhat related subjects: such as children and their security on the internet; and, since this is all taking  place in The Hague, we invited an intrepid explorer to share with us some of the City’s hidden treasures. The impact of feeling insecure is also explored in our Health item.

Not everything is security related in this issue, so we are sure the other topics covered by our team of volunteer writers, including the items in the What’s On section will provide some escape from thinking only of our own sense of security and well-being.


Deborah Valentine
Executive Director ACCESS


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