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Dutch bodem

Dutch bodem

Dear ACCESS readers,

2015 is the Year of the Soil, and sees a World Expo dedicated to feeding the planet. Inspiration enough for us to explore all things earth related.

An essential part of serving internationals in the Netherlands, besides answering the pressing questions they have, is, in our opinion, providing bridges to connecting to neighbours, to the country. It is this underlying current which runs through the topics we cover in our magazine. We believe there is much to be discovered, not only answered.

Our FAQ Guides, Helpdesk and website answer questions. Our magazine, online feature articles and contributions to other publications, such as the Xpat Journal, provide content which we hope will allow internationals to connect with their hosts and neighbours.

What drives our editorial and production process? Finding topics and ideas which allow our readers to connect with locals on content, until they are able to do so in language. And, we do our best to avoid the topics already covered by many before us, and search for the innovative, the unusual, the ‘I did not know’ factor.

In the past we have taken inspiration from: Dutch literature; unique Dutch sports and most recently the unlikely galactic journey of the Dutch. This year, the classical elements are set to inspire a series of articles.

We start with ‘Earth’ and welcome you to this year’s journey. Want to know what is coming up? Sign up for our e-zine and receive it in your mailbox as it is published quarterly.

This and ALL the services provided by ACCESS, is brought to you by a team of professionals who volunteer their time, and expertise. Want to know more about them? Keep an eye out for our monthly Volunteer features.


Deborah Valentine

Executive Director


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