Spring 2016 Magazine

Spring 2016: Discretely delicious

Spring 2016: Discretely delicious

Dear ACCESS readers,

How do we, the international community in the Netherlands, usually talk about Dutch food? Maybe you’ve heard that it is bland. Maybe you think the expression ‘Dutch cuisine’ is a contradiction. Maybe you’ve never even tried it? As with moving to any country, opening yourself up to local flavours and ways of eating is a soulful commencement to the culture itself. What can you learn about the Dutch while enjoying that hearty piece of appeltaart with whipped cream? Do you feel like a local when fighting off a seagull for your basket of fried fish from the viskraam? Have you discovered how some chocolate hagelslag at breakfast boosts you for the bike ride to work?

Writer Alice Burke tackles the massive topic of Dutch food for us, reflecting on the joy to be found in these and other Dutch eats. She shares how what might seem like a choice of simple ingredients – Meat-potato-vegetable, anyone? – is really a lifestyle choice. Simplicity in eating leaves more time, money and energy for other delightful endeavours.

For a varied culinary tour through Limburg, find out from Tracey Taylor what’s lekker in the southern-most region of the country. Cristina Roca Phylactopoulou encourages us to stick our forks into daring dishes in her review of restaurants ‘outside the comfort zone’ in Amsterdam. Steven Ecott tells us about a new kind of takeaway, and Connie Moser introduces us to an invaluable book that offers us the ins and outs of shopping at Dutch and international markets.

Now that we're changing the clocks forward for spring, letting in the light we’ve been missing all winter long, can we kick-start healthier habits? Carolyn van Es-Vines talks with an ACCESS counsellor to learn more about how internationals can keep the best habits for a happy life.

Speaking of a happy life – my thanks to ACCESS for inviting me back as editor, to team up with such thoughtful and dedicated volunteers to share with the international community what is relevant, informative and even surprising. Tell us what you think of our magazine and our design changes. We’d love to hear from
you! editor@access-nl.org


Mandie van der Meer-Danielski

Editor, ACCESS Magazine



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