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When the Dutch trade fair

When the Dutch trade fair


Dear ACCESS Readers,

I think it is safe to say, regardless of where we are from in the world, developed, developing or emerging markets (countries); the term ‘fair trade’ is steadily on the rise. It is becoming increasingly impossible to avoid in the products we come across during our grocery shopping; in the political messages of our government’s factions or in the social (media) groups we are a part of.

At ACCESS we always try to find a topic for our magazine which enlightens, informs and connects our international, expat, readers to the country they are living in, the Netherlands. Fair trade was a no brainer, so to speak, for the Editorial team.

Did you know that the trend, and term, has a direct link to the Netherlands? No? Well, Cathy Leung provides us with a relatively comprehensive review of not only the roots to the ‘movement’ of fair trade, but how even today this Dutch heritage is bearing fruits in a modern world. Lucy Bosscher and Erin Wille review for us not only how Dutch fashion has made its mark on fair trade, but where we can make purchases to support the ultimate goal of a world, where decent compensation for labour and goods, human dignity and justice is respected.

This is the principal thread of the Summer issue of the ACCESS magazine, but we have invited others to share their thoughts on how to live a less stressful life; elaborate upon a growing trend in ‘volunteer vacations’, reveal the beauties of Delft, and so much more.

We trust you will enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed preparing it!


Deborah Valentine
Executive Director ACCESS


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