Summer 2014

Sports fever in the Netherlands

Sports fever in the Netherlands

Whether you are a sports lover or not, I think it is safe to say that for many of us, when it comes to global sporting  events taking place on our doorstep, it is different…. assuming of course your country has a team participating. There is nothing like being far from home to bring out a bit of national pride in seeing your flag on display. I know  for me, when living in Brazil, simply knowing the Canadian Volleyball team was playing was enough to get me out. Though at the time I wish I had taken the time to learn some rules. Regardless, at least I sort of knew when to cheer and wave the flag, and enjoy the event, surrounded by fellow nationals.

With this in mind the team at ACCESS took advantage of the forthcoming World Hockey (field hockey) taking place in The Hague to explore the sport (we have provided some tips for the novices out there), and then got carried away and applied sport as the theme for this issue. Perhaps not surprisingly therefore, the community featured is the Brazilian another world sporting event will be taking place there this year.

Our partners share their own sporting ambitions, opportunities for fitness and wellbeing as well as the multiple opportunities to get involved in sports as volunteers; our Counsellors share how working the body can be a great workout for the mind; and, we get an informative overview of Dutch sports in general. But, fear not, for those less sportingly inclined, there is an  overview of the kingdom’s festivals to look forward to and for those not so sports inclined but with children who  are: a few tips to make it fun for all.

Whether you cheer from the sidelines or from the comfort of your own home  (or local pub), we wish all the teams and supporters involved an enjoyable sporting season!


Happy reading,

Deborah Valentine
ACCESS Executive Director


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