Summer 2015 e-zine

Airborne Dutch

Airborne Dutch

It was not intentional, choosing ‘wind’ for our summer issue. It was simply the next in line, of the four elements this year’s magazine will cover. However, how appropriate, that we should be covering this subject by exploring the impact of airports in our lives – and those behind them – as the international community prepares for their summer holidays and escapes to far flung places! Fear not though, there is enough wind in the Netherlands to entertain, distract and engage those who have no travel plans this summer: open-air concerts; discovering the music of Renaissance recorders; perhaps a daring trip to the skies while paragliding, or an alternative way of freeing your mind with walking therapy? Our authors have not disappointed and give us much to contemplate and learn about how this low-lying land is windswept on all fronts: from technology to entertainment.

We are also introduced to the expatriate Filipino community and offered some delightful travel items for journeys this time of year or otherwise. And, in what is becoming a fast favourite among the team at ACCESS: yet another delectable dish to decorate our tables and tantalise our taste buds.

Are you a writer, perhaps looking for an Editorial role to hone your skills? ACCESS is looking for both – to write for our e-zine as well as online. If this is you, please do get in touch with us at we would love to hear from you. Also, as a nationally oriented organisation we would love to feature more community events and activities. Please do share these with so we can include here, or online.

For now, welcome to summer! May the wind keep your sail full, wherever you may travel.


Deborah Valentine

Executive Director


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