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Summer 2017 : The joys of pet-loving Land

Summer 2017 : The joys of pet-loving Land

Dear ACCESS readers,

Whether they’re covered in hair, scales, shells, feathers or fur, pets are an essential part of life for millions of Dutch people. You’ve noticed pets everywhere—dogs on the tram, cats sunbathing on windowsills, your neighbour’s songbird chirping ‘good morning’. How could you miss them when the number of house pets in the Netherlands nearly doubles that of humans?

For international families, couples and singles, pets provide companionship, care and consistency in times of transition. In this issue, Olivia van den Broek-Neri shares stories from pet owners who all say that the rewards of living with a pet outweigh the responsibility. Anuja Tipnis explains how therapeutic pets can be; and Elizabeth Joss shows us how local shelters care for animals before finding them suitable homes.

For the International Community piece, Alice Burke interviews several members of the LGBTQ community. They reveal the complexity of homosexuality in the Netherlands today—the many liberties combined with unfortunate intolerance. While the country may not be the ideal ‘gay haven’ many assume it to be, there is still much to be proud of.

You can also discover the reason for all the red, yellow and blue blocks adorning your city this year in Kelly Merks’ article on the Dutch De Stijl. Nancy Kroonenberg gives us an impressive overview on the options in higher education. And Magdalini Zografou delivers an easy and scrumptious brunch recipe to try on a lazy Sunday.

Lastly, in the ACCESS News page find out about a special offer for mothers-to-be who attend one of the ACCESS Childbirth Preparation Courses. I’ll be attending one of these courses soon, too, as I’m expecting my first child in August. I’ll take a break from the magazine for a little while to care for the little one, and I have complete confidence that the next editions will inform, entertain and help you, our faithful readers, feel welcome.

Here’s to a splendid summer!


Mandie van der Meer-Danielski, Editor ACCESS Magazine



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