Winter 2012 e-zine

Winter 2012 e-zine

Winter 2012 e-zine


Dear ACCESS readers,

Planning for an issue of the ACCESS e-zine is always a flurried and creative process. Reading the results our writers contribute is simply euphoric. They have, yet again, not disappointed.

That the world around us is becoming more digital is hard to ignore. To discover that so much of this global trend is taking place, here on our doorstep …who knew? ‘Games’ are no longer simply forms of entertainment;
they can also be a way of contributing to charitable causes as Alistair Burns shares with us. Cathy Leung in the main feature relates how digitisation in the Netherlands is contributing to fascinating pioneering developments. And, even in our Travel & Food articles, we connect to the digital industry – in Utrecht gaming is serious business and no cook can be without some of the food and cooking Apps shared.

But, as much as ACCESS too embraces a digital future – with its active Twitter page and growing Facebook followers (are we connected yet?) – we never lose sight of the ‘personal’, of the everyday face-to-face contact that a community needs. From the light “How does one pack for the holidays when weight restrictions are on the rise?” to, “How does one cope effectively with grief during a ‘festive season’?”, our writers and our volunteers know that at the end of the day, it is you, our readers and our public, who matter the most. Regardless of the technology we use to communicate.

From all of us at ACCESS: enjoy discovering what the Digital Dutch encompasses, and rest assured, we are here to help you in any way we can.


Deborah Valentine - Executive Director ACCESS


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