Winter 2015 e-zine

Winter 2015: Warmth in Dutch Winter

Winter 2015: Warmth in Dutch Winter


2015 has been the year of the elements for the ACCESS magazine. Having covered ‘earth’,‘wind’ and ‘water’, it should therefore be no surprise that ‘fire’ was up.

We did however certainly leave the most difficult for last. As we approached the planning period we wondered, how were we to write about fire along the lines that had being doing so about the other elements? About something Dutch, new, innovative, interesting which would allow our readers to engage with their host country, their neighbours and colleagues about something Dutch – until they could perhaps do so in Dutch?

Well, we took a bit of a jump, and decided to equate fire with energy, and take a look at what innovations; trends are taking place when it comes to ‘new sources of energy’. Timely given the Paris conference.

It is winter of course, so some attention needed to be paid to that: the Shopping pages provide some tips for keeping warm this winter, the Food item is certain to warm your hearts, and bellies and our Health & Wellbeing article invites us to consider planning a ‘winter health check’ on ourselves.

But not all is winter, or energy related. We have some words of wisdom and bilingual book series to help parents raising children bilingually –in our Family & Education articles -, and some wonderful revelations about Archaeology in the Netherlands as we Travel underground.

Finally, in our search for the new we came across a wealth of opportunities of being part of a new Lifestyle: one of the collaborative or sharing economy here in the Netherlands.

From all of us at ACCESS: happy reading, happy holidays – and for a surprise, from us to you – do take a look at page 8.

Deborah Valentine

Executive Director


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