Winter 2017 : Cheers for Dutch beers

Winter 2017 : Cheers for Dutch beers

Winter 2017 : Cheers for Dutch beers

Dear ACCESS Readers,


Imagine being in the second trimester of your pregnancy and editing a magazine themed on Dutch alcohol. That has been my life the last three months! While I miss sharing wine and beer with my husband and friends, I was happy to live vicariously through this issue’s writers as they explored the topic with interest and enthusiasm.


This issue’s articles run the gamut with the topic, from the sober to the gezellig. In the cover story, Molly Quell explores what Dutch breweries, vineyards, and distilleries are doing in this age of everything craft and bespoke. From the use of unconventional ingredients to a resurgence of classic beverages, her article delights. Ashley Howe takes readers on a whimsical tour of jenever bars, and Ute Limacher-Riebold clues curious parents in on drug and alcohol policy for minors in the Netherlands. ACCESS’ in-house baking maven Magdalini Zografou treats us to an on-topic chocolate and stout cake. I’ve taken the editorial privilege of making the recipe already, and guarantee it’s one that will bring some tasty warmth to your winter kitchen.  


In ACCESS News, Executive Director Deborah Valentine reports on our newest collaboration: a Pop-up Helpdesk in Delft. Kim McClure examines the benefits of ACCESS’ renowned Childbirth Courses, which are tailored for internationals, in the Health & Wellbeing section. And on the International Community pages, Olivia van den Broek-Neri tells readers about Eindhoven’s unique Expat Spouses Initiative.


To round out the issue, Nancy Kroonenberg explores one of the country’s northern provinces for Dutch Lifestyle. Tracey Taylor takes readers underground in her Travel article about the caves of southern Limburg, and Molly Quell closes this issue reviewing a book written by an American living in The Hague.


I wish you a warm and cosy winter, dear ACCESS readers. It’s been my pleasure to serve you these last two issues, and I am confident 2018 will be another great year for ACCESS Magazine.


Kelly Merks, Editor ACCESS Magazine



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