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December is the perfect month to get cozy and watch a movie. How about combining this ‘gezelligheid’ with a little Dutch practise? On Sunday December 17 there will be a new edition of Direct Dutch Filmclub.

We’ll watch and discuss the lovely Dutch movie ‘Dunya & Desie’. This event is meant for anyone who wants to get cozy and practice their Dutch (level A1+ / A2+)!

Dunya en Desie (2008)

Dunya and Desie are two close friends, with very different views on life. Dunya is brought up with Moroccan traditions. Desie is raised by her single mom. Dunya’s parents are arranging for Dunya to marry one of her cousins in Morocco. Meanwhile Desie finds out that her biological father might be living in Morocco. She decides to go to Morocco to seek her father. This is where the girls meet again.

Direct Dutch filmclub

Four times a year language school Direct Dutch Institute and The Hague Public Library organise a filmclub with Dutch movies for internationals living in The Hague (and surroundings). Since everybody is required to speak in simple Dutch (no English allowed), this is a great opportunity to actually speak Dutch! Of course there are teachers present who will help you with your Dutch. Level of Dutch: A1+ / A2+.

In the course of the afternoon, we will watch the movie and discuss it in small groups, ending in a group discussion. Our program is suitable for everyone with (at least) an elementary knowledge of Dutch who would like to engage in Dutch culture and build on his or her conversation skills in an informal and fun way.


To register for free for Direct Dutch Filmclub with ‘Dunya & Desie’’ send an email to


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