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  • ACCESS and Volksuniversiteit Den Haag join forces

    18 Aug 2014 | Christine Fischer

    Partner support

    Any international will tell you that it is easy to become isolated. Part of what ACCESS CED and VUDH wish to do is to broaden international’s experiences. Taking courses expands professional and social networks as well as increases the understanding of local networks, be they cultural, school, or parental.

  • Beautiful Accents

    13 Nov 2013 | Christine Fischer

    Learning Dutch

    Learning the language of the country you live in is helpful in feeling fully integrated in your new home. In Omniglot’s article The Importance of Learning the Language in a New Country by Ivana Vitali, the author points out that second language (or 3rd or 4th,for that matter) acquisition helps one in looking for work, making new friends and in simply getting things done.

  • History - Written on the Walls

    10 Sep 2013 | Christine Fischer


    One can wander around much of Holland and forget they are in a place adorned in visual history; including the history of the African Diaspora. One can review the archives for the statistics of the era but neither charts nor graphs can capture the full magnitude of the traumatic events of that time; thus, narratives are crucial as they inform the public of personal, familial, local, national, and international meanings associated with the historical numbers logged into books.

  • The many languages of love

    24 Feb 2013 | Christine Fischer


    Imagine you are writing a love letter, an epistle to a new beloved who is as frightened as they are charmed by the cultural differences between you. Perhaps you would begin with the saying that 'love laughs at locksmiths'. Or perhaps you could draw from Dutch wisdom and tell them liefde schiet pijlen over honderd mijlen: 'Cupid's arrows can fly a hundred miles.'

  • Homesickness

    24 Feb 2013 | Christine Fischer


    Anyone can get homesick. It is a normal response to missing familiar surroundings. You can feel homesick on your first day of school, on your first day of work, or even if you're on vacation. You can certainly feel homesick when you're an expat, an immigrant or asylum seeker. However, it is a feeling that can be managed.

  • Architects of Community - The Hague Bridge Initiative

    21 Feb 2013 | Christine Fischer

    The Community

    Communities in The Hague are ever growing and changing. This International City of Peace and Justice has over 131 international organisations which employ people from around the world. With such ever-changing growth and flux, The Hague Bridge's main mission has been to provide community building events in the city for all residents of The Hague, international and local alike.


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