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  • GMW: Continued residence after a divorce > Legal Expat Desk

    2 Jul 2014 | GMW Lawyers

    Legal matters

    Living in another country with your partner can be very exciting and rewarding but could also turn into a nightmare in the case of a separation or divorce. 


  • GMW: The fortress of privacy as further protected bulwark

    26 Mar 2014 | GMW Lawyers

    Legal matters

    What ever happened to privacy? New technologies gather, store and share information as never before. And we, ourselves, happily take part in gathering, storing and sharing information

  • Jurisdiction over international consumer purchases

    27 Jan 2014 | GMW Lawyers

    Legal matters

    Dutch consumer case makes national press in Austria. Which court has jurisdiction over consumer disputes abroad? A recent ruling by the Austrian Supreme Court of Justice made the national press in Austria. GMW Advocaten represented the Dutch consumer involved in the case.

  • Modern Migration Policy Act “MOMI”

    6 Sep 2013 | GMW Lawyers

    Legal matters

    On the 1st of June, 2013, the new Modern Migration Policy Act came into force, changing the immigration procedures for regular purposes such as employment, study and family reunification. This new law aims to simplify immigration procedures to strengthen the Dutch economy and make the knowledge industry more competitive.

  • Can your employer enforce a salary cut?

    10 Jun 2013 | GMW Lawyers

    Legal matters

    The good news, as a matter of fact, is an employer cannot easily enforce such a measure. This is mainly because the general rule is as follows:

    Salary is a so-called primary performance  of an employer, which can be set against the primary  performance of an employee to work. Furthermore, salary is essential to be able to support oneself. In  other words, it is obvious that an employee has a substantial interest in the unaltered maintenance of  his/her salary.

  • Moving away after a divorce - with or without your children?

    28 Mar 2013 | GMW Lawyers

    Legal matters

    As society becomes increasingly international, more and more people are forming international relationships and families – with the added risk that, following a divorce, one of the parents will want to return to his or her home country.

  • Assets abroad? Beware!

    6 Mar 2013 | GMW Lawyers

    Legal matters

    Imagine you find out you’re the lucky winner of the lottery. What would you do with your winnings? Can you already picture it? White beaches, swaying palm trees and a cloudless blue sky, all there for you to enjoy from your ultra-luxurious holiday home. Your car’s sitting in the garage, of course, and you’ve got a tidy sum tucked away at the local bank to cover those day-to-day necessities. It all sounds wonderful, but what happens if you die?

  • Legal experts @ Legat Expat Desk

    24 Feb 2013 | GMW Lawyers

    Legal matters

    The Hague hosts the world’s main legal bodies and is therefore referred to as the ‘legal capital of the world’. This title comes with a certain responsibility, for the municipal government as well as for many local entities. The Legal Expat Desk, LED for short, is an example of an entrepreneurial service rendered to the international cluster by GMW Advocaten.

  • Frequent misconceptions in international family law

    24 Feb 2013 | GMW Lawyers

    Legal matters

    Increasingly frequently, people find love across the borders. They fall in love with someone living abroad or of a different nationality. While the relationship flourishes, it’s hunky dory, but what if the marriage fails? Divorce is a difficult process in many ways - a low point in any life – and international divorces involve extra complications. In my weblogs I inform you of these extra hurdles.



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