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21 Feb 2013 | WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency

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First published in Winter 2012 e-zine




The West Holland region is home to several leading players in the creative industry, where more than 18,000 professionals are employed in the creative sector. Incubators such as the Caballero Fabriek and Bink 36 in The Hague and YES!Delft are home to young entrepreneurs in the creative sectors and provide an excellent source of potential partners.


The appetite for mobile, social and casual games in Europe continues to grow. Considering the  830-million inhabitant market in excess of 40 languages – the potential is immense. The Free2Play online games market continues to grow exponentially and web browser games lead the booming trend. Moreover, Europe is the fastest growing smartphone market in the world.

The Netherlands is the most competitive place for hosting in Europe. DSL connections are available in virtually all parts of the country, with the OECD reporting broadband penetration reaches more than 40% of all households. Some 49% of the Dutch population use the Internet for downloading games, images, films or music..


The Hague Mobile Academy

A new feature added to The Hague’s IT and Telecom cluster is The Hague Mobile Academy (THMA). This is  a joint effort by Sharewire, a leading developer of mobile Internet solutions, the city of The Hague, and Bink36, a Hague-based innovative incubator located in a typical postindustrial building. THMA trains students to become mobile experts by providing students and recent graduates with a platform from which to build their skills in developing innovative mobile applications, covering all aspects from concept to marketing. The Academy welcomes companies or investors who would like to benefit from this  inspired curriculum.


Mobile app/solutions

Fully 95% of the leading global enterprises have ‘mobile’ ranked high on their agenda. Mobile is a new,  serious business opportunity that can lead to substantial revenues, new products and services, and  improved customer experience. THMA gives public and private companies the opportunities to develop mobile solutions in order to generate revenues and exposure, or to create internal efficiency within the company at low costs.

THMA is especially interesting for companies that want to test mobile applications for their company but don’t yet have the budgets for these kind of high-end solutions, and want to start with a pilot or proof of
concept. Companies that are related to the mobile app/solutions industry, and are willing to become a member of THMA in order to train potential new employees, will also benefit. By doing this the company will also be close to potential clients in the future.


Serious gaming

Recently the city of The Hague  added a new feature to its status of City of Peace and Justice, with the establishment of The Hague Security Delta. The Delta includes a large pool of companies dealing with  critical infrastructure and urban security. Already several gaming companies are able to meet the demand for visualised scenarios.


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