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2 Jul 2014 | City of The Hague

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ACCESS_mark _smallby Laila Borrie for the City of The Hague
First published in ACCESS Summer 2014 e-zine




Sports events provide the perfect opportunity to be a volunteer. The Hague is hosting one of the biggest sporting events of the year – The Hockey World Cup, which will attract several thousand visitors to the city.

Summer 2014

The Municipality in cooperation with the Hotelschool The Hague has recruited 300 The Hague Ambassadors, who will be entrusted with helping visitors by answering questions and welcoming them, at various points all over the city.

Sounds like something you would have liked to be part of? You don’t have to feel like you have missed out on an opportunity to volunteer as there are several sport clubs in The Hague, looking for volunteers.



Most sport clubs in The Hague are run entirely by volunteers, like Wilhelmus. Phil Loughton – founder and President of the international section has seen it grow over the years. Today there are seven expatriate teams and one ladies team. Phil, who is from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, says he found his motivation changed as the club got bigger. At first it seemed like an adventure and fun but now he realises what a difference being part of a sports club and community can make. His goal now: having structures in place, so that the club can function without him and people can always find an expat-friendly football club.


Phil says, “I would really encourage people to volunteer as there is a lot one can get out of it but it isn’t just fun and games.” He cautions: “A very important part of volunteering is seeing things through, if you take on a task or responsibility it’s important to deliver.”


The Hague – GAA

Another well known club is the GAA or the Gaelic Athletic Association. Founded in the 1970s, The Hague GAA Club is one of the longest established and successful in -mainland Europe. Mary Gavin, its founding member and secretary, has been an enthusiastic and dedicated promoter of Gaelic games all over Europe. The GAA has teams for Gaelic football, Camogie and Hurling. The GAA website describes Gaelic football as a sport which resembles a combination of soccer, rugby and Aussie rules! It is a fast, high-scoring game and hugely popular in Ireland. Camogie or Hurling is played with a wooden stick called a hurley and a small ball.


This club is also run entirely on a voluntary basis. Mary, who is clearly very passionate about Gaelic games and Irish culture, says, “sports are a great opportunity to get together and be part of a community”.


Volunteering at sports club can be great! Visit the PEP website or to find various volunteer opportunities for sports and other opportunities.


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