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24 Jan 2014 | City of The Hague

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ACCESS_mark _smallBy Susan Gould for the City of The Hague
First published in ACCESS Winter 2013 e-zine



Have you ever thought about volunteering and how it could help you to settle into your new life in The Hague? Volunteering helps you to build a social network as well as a professional network.

Think Volunteer

Volunteering allows you to grow in ways that you may never have imagined, all just because you pick up the phone or write that initial email to find out more. PEP (Participation Emancipation Professionals) can help you to get involved.


Four volunteers shared their stories to convince you of the benefits of volunteering.

Cornelia (50), from Romania, has lived in The Hague for 6 years. She is married and has one grown-up son.

“I regret not volunteering earlier,” she says passionately, as she has found it so rewarding. She has been a volunteer now for three years, assisting a not-for-profit organisation with their administration. She enjoys supporting people and bringing a smile to their faces. Volunteering has allowed her to regain confidence in herself and her abilities, which is so important especially when living abroad.


Larene (35) is originally from Brazil. She moved to the Netherlands in February 2012 due to her husband’s new job and started volunteering as a means of making friends and a new social network. She provides training to an international organisation. “I enjoy working as a volunteer,” she says, “as it is a great way of meeting other people as well as giving me the opportunity to develop new skills”.


Neha (28) from Mumbai, India only moved to The Hague in June 2013. She is so happy with the ‘good feeling’ that volunteering has given her. She says, “I feel that volunteering has allowed me to blossom with inner satisfaction and been such a rewarding use of my time”.


Men volunteer too

Plenty of men find time to volunteer as well; David (26) from the UK wanted to volunteer because he wanted to have something that occupies his time productively and something that would also look good on his CV. He previously worked with homeless people in Scotland but now organises cultural, educational and creative workshops.


Want to know more?

Check the PEP website in English.

You can also call into the office on Riviervismarkt 2, The Hague for a face-to-face informative chat.

Volunteering can truly offer you a new challenge; an opportunity to start afresh in an area that you have always wanted to get involved in but until now never had the chance to do so. Give PEP a call and start your volunteering experience today!

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