Marathon season

4 Mar 2013 | Sally Squirrell

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Running is big news in the Netherlands, races are always popular and garner a big turn but there's good news, there are plenty of runs to participate in.


Running                                                                                                                                                                         Image: CPC

Legend has it

As the legend goes, a Greek soldier named Pheidippides in 490BC, was charged with the task of delivering a victorious message from the Battle of Marathon to Athens.  He ran so far and so fast that on delivering the message he promptly collapsed and died but let that not put you off. The Olympics in 1896 then instituted the long race named after the town of Marathon and the messenger to commemorate this event. The actual distance to be run in a marathon is 42,195 kilometres or 26 miles and 385 yards.


Why run?

Running is well known to increase longevity of life and reduce the risk of heart attacks but it also helps to clear the mind after a long day at the office. Running alone gives you time to think and put your world in perspective; running in a group, the miles quickly go by whilst you chat and socialise with other runners. Whatever the weather, you will see runners out and about, enjoying the parks and the fresh air, taking life in their stride. The best thing of all is that you can run anywhere, there’s no need for expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment, just a decent pair of running shoes, shorts and t-shirt and you’re away.


9 good reasons to run

  • Healthy heart and heart attack risk reduced.
  • Immune system is boosted.
  • Endorphin levels go up making you happier and giving you more energy.
  • Mental health is promoted making you less prone to stress and more patient and understanding.
  • Brain power is heightened.
  • Fat and weight loss.
  • Bones are strengthened and encouraged to remain healthy.
  • Skin/complexion is stimulated and refreshed.
  • Good exercise helps you to sleep better.


Just 20 minutes is enough to get the heart racing and the fat burning, so if you’re feeling a little flabby after a winter of hibernation, central heating and too much food, lace up those training shoes and jog a little. With other events this year still open such as the ones listed below, you can give it a go. Most events have 10km and 5km races as well as fun runs for children.


Dates of some major Dutch marathons/ races:

10 March 2013            City Pier City Den Haag

14 April 2013               Leiden Marathon           

21 April 2013               Enschede Marathon      

26 May 2013                Rotterdam Marathon    

2 June 2013                 Leeuwarden Marathon

8 September 2013      Meerssen Marathon      

21 September 2013    Peace Run, Den Haag   

20 October 2013         Amsterdam Marathon  





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