Survey: Caring for aging loved ones from a distance

12 Apr 2016 | ACCESS, for the International Community in the Netherlands

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One of the most difficult aspects of leading an international lifestyle is having to leave family behind. In this increasingly globalized world, how do people cope when they find themselves living far away from an aging loved-one or relative in need of care?


 Caring For Aged Loved Ones


Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly, owner of Cross-Cultural Consulting and Training, is conducting a survey to gather insight on this difficult life phase global citizens may at some point have to struggle with.

On top of the many challenges which already shape the care of aging loved-ones, cultural diversity and geographical distance add even more layers of complexity to decision making and expectations.

The goal of this survey is to gain more insight into the true complexities of caring for aging loved-ones from a distance, and use these to inform support available for people affected.


If you have experienced a similar situation and would like to share your thoughts, please take 15-20 minutes to complete the survey here. The survey closes for submissions on 28 April 2016.

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