Moving home is stressful enough, moving to another country is even more so…

13 Sep 2016 | Alexander Forrest - Utility-Provider

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When you arrive in a new country whether for a new job opportunity or a new adventure, there are some things that are the same all over the world: Where will I live? What do I need to arrange?


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Some things are relatively simple, other can be relatively complicated.

One of the biggest issues most expats run into is the language barrier. Just finding the right information about how systems work to be able to complete such a big transition can be quite difficult.

There are services that specifically cater to helping expats by providing them with information but it’s great when there’s an organisation that goes one step further to actually assist with the implementation of that information. Utility Provider is an organisation that does just that.

Utility Provider helps expats with arranging utilities for their new home.

It starts with connecting with the expat and explaining what is required in the Netherlands, then they match the best suppliers to that person’s needs and wants. Utility Provider can assist with setting up electricity and gas, internet and TV, telecom, and water while taking into account prices, customer service, delivery conditions, and most importantly; the expats individual situation.

This one-stop shop makes it so that foreign nationals are well informed, expertly assisted, helped quickly and efficiently.

Being able to complete everything for the new home with one phone call brings peace of mind by allowing the new Dutch resident to focus on the things that really matter; moving and settling into their new community.


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