The Bazaar of Ideas

15 Nov 2015 | Antoine Lathier - The Student Hotel

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A place with many guises


Besides offering student accommodation, and short term stay options, The Student Hotel has something new to offer the community. The Student Hotel presents The Bazaar of Ideas, the new hub for talent in The Hague. The Bazaar of Ideas has been created with the strong feeling that the community of The Hague and its many communities can gather together in the same area. Freelancers, students, educational institutions, national and local organizations and professionals from all ages are welcome in this unique creative environment.

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Heritage in a modern jacket


The Bazaar of Ideas used to be a bazaar:  a local market space in the heart of The Hague located only two minutes away from Holland Spoor train station. However, this space started to decrease from a year to another and was left as abandoned. The Student Hotel, together with Staedion and the Municipality of The Hague joined together to give the location a new breath of air, new life.  The initial market has been transformed into an inspiring working environment accessible seven days a week from 7am until late.

The ensemble includes a Winter Garden, four classrooms, The Kitchen and a state room called the Catwalk. In three words, we want this community to meet, learn and play. Free WIFI, enough devices to plug your equipment, comfortable lounge area and delicious coffee are waiting for you. The Winter Garden is the main space and is completely freely accessible for anyone.

The Bazaar is a suitable place for meetings, trainings, conferences, borrels, grabbing a nice lunch or dinner, debates, presentations… bring us your ideas, we are here to make them happen.


The Bazaar of Ideas

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