Welcome to the Netherlands!

23 Jun 2015 | Dave Stoffels

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Welcome to the Netherlands!

Have you noticed? We are the land of three kisses. For us, at the Utility Provider these ‘three kisses’ are translated as Keeping it Simple & Straightforward …and the third ‘S’? Solution oriented.

 Utility Provider

We are sure you have heard this welcome message often, from friends, colleagues, your employer – perhaps your future neighbours. However, when it comes to getting settled, arranging all the ‘ins’, ‘outs’, and ‘abouts’, perhaps ‘welcome’ is the last thing you feel. Not only is the language different, so too are the ‘ways things are done’, and the paths towards where solutions can be found.

The myriad of service providers, contacts, people, service numbers you need to deal with to simply get on with getting settled are overwhelming. All YOU want to do is heat your home, ensure the faucet in your new home will deliver the water you need, and feel you are connected (by phone or via the digital highway) to new and old friends. In fact …often it can be hard to ‘see the forest through the trees’ and, knowing ‘where to start’ can be the most perplexingly simple question you have. Indeed, where to start?


Keep it simple is our motto. Find A single solution.

We know how overwhelming it can be. How frustrating. How it can make you feel powerless, and, how it can deter from what should be ‘that’ warm welcome. That is why we at Utility Provider have worked towards providing a single platform, a single source through which you can heat your home, ensure there is water and, perhaps more importantly, feel connected – to those you have left behind as well as those you are meeting now.

At Utility Provider we can do all that. We have a service which ensures you deal with ONE customer service desk versus multiple ones. A service which meets all the needs referred to above and, a service which is here for you when problems are encountered, or when it is time to end your contracts. Utility Provider is a one-stop-shop to getting settled, hassle free.



What Utility Provider does is ensure that YOU receive independent and personal advice, when it comes to your basic utilities. We regularly research the market, to see which supplier has the best deal: in price AND quality, and share these benefits with our clients.  Through us you can subscribe to the utility providers you need, in one go, and have one contact point for them. No multiple service desks, which may, or may not understand you, rather ONE service desk who does understand you. Have a question about the bill you received? Call us. We can answer it, and know where to find the answer.

And, do you know what the icing on the cake is? We do this, free of charge! Really!


Call us. We are your welcome mat, welcome KISS: Knowing Internationals can Successfully Settle.


About the author

Dave is Managing Director at Utility Provider, a company helping expats arrange utilities in the Netherlands. They do this completely free of charge! As an independent company, advice is given based on its client’s personal situation and needs, not those of the company.


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