Book Review: Bloodlines - Touch Not the Cat and Traces, by Thomas McKerley and Ingrid Schippers

8 Dec 2016 | Tracey Taylor

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By Tracey Taylor

Bloodlines Mystery SeriesTouch Not the Cat and Traces

By Thomas McKerley and Ingrid Schippers | WYBT Publishing, 2011 & 2016

I recently had the pleasure to read two books from writer duo Thomas McKerley and Ingrid Schippers.

McKerley (Scottish) and Schippers (Dutch) are both first-time mystery novelists but the pair make a pretty compatible team and have managed to put together two decent books in a series called Bloodlines.

The first installment in the Bloodlines series is Touch Not the Cat where we are introduced to the key characters and interesting concept for the story. Touch Not the Cat is in fact a good – and complete – read in its own right.

The second volume Traces nicely continues the storyline by further developing the underlying plot, beefing-out the characters and background of the main protagonists, and adding a few more twists in the overall tale!

Both books are well crafted and clearly well researched. The historical events which are referred to at times are accurate and considered.

The Bloodlines stories take place both in the modern day and in flashbacks to the late 1800s and into the early 1900s. It is therefore no surprise that there is a strong genealogy theme flowing through Bloodlines…


Written in a lively and up-tempo manner, the books don’t get overly bogged down in facts and dates and the resulting writing style ensures you remain engaged.  

The characters are well rounded and credible and the setting is descriptive and easy to envision.

 As the various lives and loves, and trials and triumphs of the characters intertwine across the annals of time, we share in journeys from the Scottish Highlands to New York City, and from Gallipoli to Chicago as we explore the role ancestry plays in today’s world, and our ever-growing fascination with our roots. The story that ultimately transpires is fresh and fun to read.

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    Bloodlines book cover 2 McKerley & Schippers


Bloodlines book cover 1 McKerley & Schippers  



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  • Bloodlines -Touch Not the Cat
  • 316 pages
  • WYBT Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-90-819514-0-1
  • Regular retail price: €14.95


  • Bloodlines -Traces
  • 328 pages
  • WYBT Publishing
    • ISBN: 978-90-819514-2-5
    • Regular retail price: €14.95

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