Dutchies: So Rock N Roll

3 Sep 2014 | Allison Hamilton-Rohe

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Don’t you love the white-haired lady standing on the train platform in a bright blue faux-leather jacket?  How bold are the kids riding their bikes to school wearing studded booties and long, flowing hair? 



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Expats love to trash-talk Dutch fashion, but I love the embrace of rock-n-roll style in this country.  It’s nonchalant, it’s pragmatic and it works.  After all, when you’re getting on a bike every day or trotting along on cobblestone streets, wearing 5-inch platforms becomes ridiculous!

In fact, the only woman I’ve seen in Louboutins here in the Netherlands is my husband’s godmother.  But, her take is also totally glam rock – long blonde hair, leather skirt.  And she’s in her early 60s!

Rock styling is everywhere these days, but the Dutch have adopted it with particular verve.  Because their approach to dress is so casual to begin with, it makes absolute sense that this trend is huge in Holland. 


Top 5 reasons rock-n-roll style is a top choice for the Netherlands:

  • Frye boots were designed for riding on Harleys, but work equally well for riding a bicycle.
  • Moto jackets convey a nonchalance and individuality that is pride of place in The Netherlands.  They are also very comfortable in the damp, drizzly weather that happens almost every day.
  • Leather bracelets are not expensive, which works with the Dutchies’ respect for economy.
  • Skinny Jeans.  The Dutch love jeans for work and jeans for play.  When the temperature is a constant 50 degrees Fahrenheit, jeans are the perfect weight.  They are also tough, durable and easy to clean.  And when you’re the tallest per capita people in the world, you look great in a skinny jean!
  • Long hair is a rock-n-roll staple for the same reason it’s a Dutch staple.  It takes less time to maintain, it’s less expensive and when something comes that easily, you just go with it!

Allison Hamilton-Rohe is a Personal Style Strategist based in the Netherlands. Visit her at www.dailyoutfit.com

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