ACCESS Announces Partnership with Expatcenter Amsterdam

1 Jun 2016 | ACCESS, for the international community

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Starting on 6 June 2016, and as per the schedule below, ACCESS volunteers will be a part of the Expatcenter Amsterdam's services to the international community in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Almere, Haarlem, Hilversum, Haarlemmermeer and Velsen. Already a successful partnership of these cities, with the services of the IND and the Tax Office, the services of the Expatcenter will now be supplemented by those of ACCESS.

ACCESS Helpdesk

The ACCESS Helpdesk model is a tried and tested way of expats being able to help expats. The experience of those who have arrived before is invaluable to navigating the waters of a new home. After all, when someone is new to a place they do not know what you they do not know, who better to help guide them than those who have travelled the same path. Being able to do so in person, face to face, only enhances the impact and the hospitality extended to new residents of Amsterdam region. As ACCESS has been doing in The Hague since 2010, and Utrecht since 2015, we will be returning to Amsterdam to do so as of June 2016.

What makes ACCESS unique

It is not simply the services we offer to the community at large which makes ACCESS unique, but rather that we also provide internationals the opportunity to volunteer and thus contribute to their own settlement process. By contributing their time and expertise to ACCESS, and the community, our volunteers are able to broaden their network, make valuable use of their time, and create a supportive community for themselves. That we are now able to offer these benefits to internationals in the Amsterdam area makes us equally proud of our achievements. To find out about volunteering opportunities with ACCESS in Amsterdam, or The Hague and Utrecht, please refer to our Information Mornings here.

Where to find ACCESS in Amsterdam

ACCESS Helpdesk at Expatcenter Amsterdam –
World Trade Center Amsterdam - D-Tower, second floor
Monday & Wednesday 9am – 1pm
Tuesday & Thursday 1pm – 5pm
Friday 9am – 5pm
ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation which supports the international community in the Netherlands. Its professional volunteer staff can answer questions and provide information on important expatriation issues, and its Counselling Services Network is on-call to refer to experienced and qualified professionals aware of the challenges facing expatriates in need of support.
0900 2 222 377


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