ACCESS offers Personal Consultations

16 Feb 2016 | Genoveva Geppaart

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The Personal Consultation programme is offered to companies wishing to complement welcome and induction programmes for their newly-arrived staff members. This programme has ACCESS volunteers using their personal experience, as well as the experience and resources of ACCESS, to personally meet with newly-arrived staff members, and their partners, to help them settle as effectively and as well as possible.

The main purpose of these sessions is to reassure people that everything will be fine, helping to manage their expectations about different aspects of living in the Netherlands, and showing them where they can find answers to their questions while they are here. In our experience, managing expectations and offering a helping hand go a long way in ensuring successful settlement of the employees as well as their family members.

Are you an employer of international staff wishing to know more about how the ACCESS

Personal Consultation programme can serve your new arrivals? Feel free to contact Deborah Valentine at



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