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24 Nov 2016 | ACCESS, for the international community

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ACCESS is delighted to be a part of a new initiative intended to build bridges of understanding for and of the international community.

ICAP – the International Community Advisory Panel is an initiative put together by four long-standing members of the international community to act as an independent bridge between the international community itself and government and civic organisations.

In particular, ICAP aims to establish an independent forum which represents and reflects the views of the international community on issues which have an impact on the city’s attractiveness as a place to live in and do business. It will be supported by a panel of experts, and more importantly by the results of surveys it plans to undertake in the course of the coming year among the international community. With this input ICAP intends to provide information policy makers and service providers need to understand, and serve the international community better.

The first survey is online (23 November 2016), and we encourage our community to share their experiences, opinions, thoughts on Education in the Netherlands. Whether you have opted for Dutch or international, have or will have children attending school, or have recently had an experience with education while living here, we want to hear from you. It is a short survey and the information gathered will be solely used for this purpose.

Those wishing to participate in forthcoming surveys are welcome to register their intention on the ICAP website. Please know: your details will ONLY be used for the survey purposes.

For more information about ICAP and its founding members: DutchNews; Amsterdam Mamas and The American Book Centre please visit


For Press Inquiries contact Robin Pascoe of on

For information on ACCESS’ role within ICAP contact Deborah Valentine on                                                                                                    


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