Driving licence possible from the age of 17

30 Nov 2016 | Genoveva Geppaart

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Since 2011, there has been an experiment called 2toDrive which has allowed youngsters 17 years old to obtain a driving licence. This has been successful and the government recently decided to make this a law.

Driving lessons can start at 16.5 years

You can start taking driving lessons when you are 16.5 years old and you can take the exam when you are 17 years old. If you pass your exam, you are allowed to drive under supervision of a coach you have chosen yourself until you are 18 years.

Role of the coach

A coach is not an instructor. He doesn’t teach or drive.  A coach is an advisor; he has an active role to help the young driver to judge situations correctly and he shares his experience.

Driving with a coach

A coach is at least 27 years old, has had a Dutch driving license for at least 5 years and lives in the Netherlands. Before applying for a  supervisor’s pass (begeleiderspas), you need to register your coaches.

 For a complete overview of requirements for a coach look at: https://www.rdw.nl/Particulier/Paginas/Voorwaarden-aan-de-coach.aspx?path=Portal/Particulier/Het%20rijbewijs/Begeleiderspas (Dutch only). 

A coach has to register himself with the Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer (RDW) via https://digid.nl/inloggen . (Dutch only, use your DigiD).  You can have maximum 5 coaches. When you drive, until you are 18 years, one of the coaches must accompany you.

Applying for a supervisor's pass

Once your coaches are registered, you can apply for a  supervisor's pass on https://digid.nl/inloggen (Dutch only, use your DigiD). A supervisor's  pass costs  €35.00.

If one of your coaches has a driving licence from an EU/EEA country, you can only apply for a  supervisor's pass in writing. You need to download and fill in the form on https://www.rdw.nl/SiteCollectionDocuments/Rijbewijzen%20%28en%20NRD%29/handleidingen/3%20E%200388d%20Aanvraag%20en%20handleiding%20begeleiderspas.pdf  (Dutch only)

If you have any questions regarding being a coach or the supervisor's pass, you can contact RDW at begeleiderspas@rdw.nl .


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