Dutch government invests €10.7 million in international schools

5 Apr 2017 | Genoveva Geppaart

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In the last five years the number of pupils at international schools increased by 47%. Especially in and around Amsterdam and The Hague it is difficult for parents for to find a place at an international school for their child. This is because there are the highest number of international companies and organisations in these areas.


Extra investment from the government

Good international education is a key factor for foreign companies when they decide where to locate. Therefore, the government has decided to invest €10.7 million in seven international schools in and around Amsterdam and The Hague. There will be 5 schools in Amsterdam and 2 in The Hague who will receive extra money; which schools is not yet known. The agreement still needs to be formalised. About half of the money comes from the central government, the other half from the local councils.  This offers the opportunity to create 1,150 places.


Currently there are around 19,000 children who receive international primary or secondary education. The 1.150 extra places will be available in August 2017. Last year the government already decided to give the international school in the Eindhoven area €7 million extra.

Currently a Taskforce for International Education is looking for a permanent solution for the lack of places at international schools. In this study Rotterdam is also taken into consideration. The problems there are fewer than in Amsterdam and The Hague.


Amsterdam needs more places

Although Amsterdam is happy with the extra money that will be available, much more is needed as it expects to need 1,500 more places by 2020. The total number of places will then be 7,000 in Amsterdam.


There are three aspects to increasing spaces:

  • Expansion of existing international  schools
  • Encourage starting new international schools
  • Making regular Dutch schools more international



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