Dutch trade and industry working together with start-ups to accelerate innovation

5 Aug 2017 | Genoveva Geppaart

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In 2016 the top corporations of Dutch trade and industry started an initiative called COSTA (cooperation Corporates & Start-ups) to accelerate the innovation and development of new ICT applications. It is an opportunity to improve the cooperation between corporations and start-ups.


Cooperation with start-ups

In 2017, 15 companies who are a member of COSTA and 4 other companies promised to jointly start more than 300 cooperative projects with start-ups within one year from 30 May 2017. In this way innovation can be speeded up.


All participants of COSTA have agreed to arrange one point of contact in their organisation. The full list is available on www.vno-ncw.nl/projects/corporate-startups-costa. There is also a Corporate Start-up Readiness Tool that offers companies the possibility to see if they are ready to successfully start cooperating with a start-up.  This tool is available on https://readytoteamup.com. It is free and can be filled in online.

All knowledge gathered by COSTA is available free of charge on www.vno-ncw/projects/corporates-en-startups-costa.


Future plans

At the moment only large companies are involved, but it is important to include small and medium sized businesses as well in this cooperation.


The initiative COSTA has ceased to exist now (as planned), but the organisations  VNO-NCW, MKB Nederland and Corporate Venturing Network have continued this initiative since June 2017. Based on the COSTA results, they are jointly going to stimulate innovation and increase cooperation with start-ups. The ultimate goal is to make the Dutch businesses stronger, more innovative and more flexible.



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