Extra service for medicine used for the first time

23 Dec 2014 | Genoveva Geppaart

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If you use medicine for the first time or you haven’t used it for 12 months or more, you have to pay more for it than for medicine you use on a regular basis. This has been decided by the government to make the use of medicine safer. There is a special payment for this and you can find it on the bill. It is called “eerste uitgifte” .

Verfication by the pharmacist

Before the pharmacist will give you these medicines, he needs to verify the following:

  • Which other medicine you use.Is the medicine suitable to be used with other medicine you take
  • Is the medicine suitable for you, e.g. are you not allergic to one of more ingredients in the medicine
  • If necessary, he will contact the doctor who prescribed the medicine to you.


Service delivered by the pharmacist

The pharmacist will also deliver the following service:

  • Explain the way the medicine works and possible side effects to you
  • Written explanation of how to use the medicine -usually the information leaflet (bijsluiter)


This procedure ensures that you can use your medicine safely and reliably.



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