House of Representatives in favour of “yes unless” organ donor register

27 Sep 2016 | Genoveva Geppaart

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The rules for donating organs are going to change. Currently, all people aged 18 or older are requested to decide about donating their organs after their death. If they don’t make a choice and register, it is up to the family to decide about donation of organs.

Changing the rules

Some political parties want to change this into a rule that everybody is a donor unless they make clear that they don’t want to. Recently, the House of Representatives decided in favour of this new rule. They expect that more organs will be available to transplant, which is great for all people on the waiting list.

Before this new rule can become law, the Senate will have to agree. Right now, it is difficult to say if this will happen. It is expected that the outcome of the voting in the Senate will be unsure until the last moment.

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