International talent is important for the Dutch economy

5 Apr 2017 | Genoveva Geppaart

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In the current economy, human capital is the most important production factor.  Therefore it is essential to attract and keep top talent in all sectors of the economy. International talent is important because it builds a bridge to other economies, as well as bringing diversity and a different perspective. In this way international knowledge workers contribute to innovation in companies.


Attractiveness of the Netherlands

In order to attract international students, start-ups, entrepreneurs, employees and scientists, the following factors are important:

  • The business climate
  • The content of the job
  • International education
  • Cultural activities
  • The diversity of the cities and regions in the Netherlands


Attracting international talent

A report from 2016 indicates that the Netherlands has to improve to continue attracting international talent. According to a group of experts -- the Talent Coalition Netherlands -- a national approach is needed to ensure that the Netherlands will become more attractive to international talents. They suggest that the national government initiates a national career platform in English with regional diversity. This ensures a better matching of talent, employers and schools/universities.

In addition, the national government should provide legislation to arrange good access to the labour market. The 30% tax rule is part of this. Both regional and national governments check if the business climate for international entrepreneurs is attractive and improve it via legislation.  Further both national and regional governments should facilitate international research and education.

It is also important to ensure a good quality of life for internationals. Good cultural facilities, housing and health care are essential for further international growth.


Why international talent is important

International talent itself is relevant for the Dutch economy, but it also ensures that for every international in the Netherlands there are 4.6 additional jobs created on medium or higher levels. According the Dutch Statistics Office, the amount of money contributed to the Dutch treasury from international students who stay in the Netherlands after graduation is €1.57 billion annually.

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