Netherlands business attractiveness survey 2015

6 Aug 2015 | Genoveva Geppaart

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For years, foreign companies have had a lot of confidence in the Dutch business climate but never has it been as high as in 2015. The outlook for new investment projects is good. This mainly concerns investments in logistics and production facilities and sales & marketing offices.


Attractiveness of the Dutch business climate

The Dutch business climate is especially attractive for R&D facilities, followed by logistics, production and headquarters.

Foreign investors base their confidence in the Dutch business climate on

  • the country’s international orientation
  • regulatory stability (in line with international legislation)
  • the presence of foreign companies and their positive experiences


Strengths and weaknesses

The Netherlands has several strengths to establish a business:

  • quality of life
  • telecommunications infrastructure
  • educational level of local employees
  • transport and logistics infrastructure
  • a clear and stable political, legislative and administrative environment


However, there are also several points for improvement with respect to the Dutch climate for establishing a business:

  • flexibility of labour legislation and costs
  • corporate income tax
  • tax advantages, subsidies and support
  • research and innovation capacity


Innovative leader

In order to develop the Netherlands into an innovative leader, it will have to invest in more education and training in new technology. Also regarding innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, the Dutch business culture has room for improvement.


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