New health care centre opened in the Eindhoven area

11 Jan 2016 | Genoveva Geppaart

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Healthcare Foundation Eindhoven (SGE) has opened a new health care centre especially for internationals, which has been operational since 1 May 2015.

Why establish a health care centre for internationals?

Research into the local expat community has revealed that Dutch health care, for all its strengths, does not always meet the needs or expectations of internationals. Cultural gaps, language barriers, differing expectations, and current provisions in the Dutch health care system are the main hurdles encountered. Therefore, SGE took the initiative to develop SGE International in close cooperation with the international community, the Expat Centre South and MRE (Metropolitan Region Eindhoven).

What to expect at the health care centre

At SGE International, the visitor can expect a global approach with a medical team which has been trained to understand the needs of people from different international backgrounds. All consultations and information are provided in English.

Online functions are available for registration, appointment scheduling, renewing prescriptions, e-consultations and call-back requests. Services are covered by the basic and supplemental policies of Dutch health insurance providers.

At SGE International, patients have access to a GP (family doctor), doctor’s assistant and other multilingual professionals like a nurse, physiotherapist, pharmacist, dentist and midwife. In addition, specialist psychological and psychiatric care is offered by PsyQ International Mental Health Services.


The innovations developed at SGE International will be shared with other healthcare providers in the Netherlands that aim to better serve internationals within their regions.

More information

Robert Hazenberg , Manager SGE International, Tel: 040 - 040 - 711 60 00 , Email:

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