Orientation year for highly-educated migrants and graduates are now combined into one single scheme

23 Mar 2016 | Genoveva Geppaart

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As of 1 March 2016, the policy for highly-educated persons has been changed. The orientation year for highly-educated migrants and the orientation year for graduates are now combined into one single scheme: “The orientation year for highly-educated persons”. The scheme applies to all graduated students in the Netherlands and students who have graduated from a top university abroad. The residence permit “orientation year” for highly-educated persons can be submitted within 3 years after completing the studies or after obtaining the PhD. The new scheme gives those graduated in the Netherlands the opportunity to first return to their country of origin after having completed their studies and to then come back again to the Netherlands.


Multiple orientation years

Under certain conditions, the orientation year may be applied for not once but multiple times. Each time a graduate obtains a new degree or a researcher has completed new research, they may again apply for an orientation year.


No work permit needed

People may work without a work permit (TWV) during the orientation year and are permitted to do all kinds of work, from a temporary job or part-time job to a paid or unpaid internship.


Attracting international talent

The new scheme reflects the Netherlands’ commitment to attracting international talent to the Netherlands and fostering their ties to the country. The orientation year is an attractive scheme both for graduates and researchers, on the one hand, and Dutch employers, on the other.

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