Scammers are currently very active

10 Feb 2017 | Genoveva Geppaart

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At the moment, scammers work on a large scale by phone and by email.

The most important kinds of scams are:

  • You receive a phone call from somebody who claims he is a bailiff from the Tax Authorities. He tells you that despite several reminders, you still haven’t paid some money.  In order to avoid extra costs, you have to immediately transfer the money by phone.   This is absolutely a scam. The Tax Authorities will always refer to previous phone calls or messages, and a bailiff never calls but will ring the bell and give an order “in the name of the King”.  Please don’t pay, and contact the Tax Authorities yourself to verify the story.
  • You receive a phone call from somebody who claims to be a staff member of IND. These scammers try to have you transfer money to their account for residence permits. The scammers have detailed information such as passport numbers and email addresses. The calls come from a telephone number beginning 088. This number is used so that it appears to be a call from the IND. The IND does not identify the telephone number when making calls.
    Do not respond to their request, especially if you are asked to transfer money by phone. Be on guard, the IND will never ask you to transfer money by phone! Please hang up and report the scam to the IND by calling 088 0430470 or email



In general: be cautious if a person you don’t know calls you and tells you to make a payment.  Always contact the company from which they claim to call to verify the story. Never pay immediately and certainly not if you haven’t received a bill.


Dutch banks will reintroduce a verification system which checks whether an account number corresponds with a given name. All banks have pledged to put these ‘name-number checks’ in place in the course of this year.


On the website of the national anti-fraud agency,, you find warnings and examples of all kinds of fraud.


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