Students pay too much rent for their room

28 Apr 2017 | Genoveva Geppaart

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All over the country, students often pay too much for their room. In general, students pay €88 more if they rent from a housing corporation and €101 if they rent from a private person. In both categories, the rent is about €340.

Taking action

The National Student Union (Landelijke Studenten Vakbond, LSVb) says that it is important that the government takes action against landlords who often charge too much rent. At the moment, students need to take action in order to change the rent, but they are often intimidated by the landlord.

On (Dutch only, look at huurprijscheck voor onzelfstandige woonruimte) students can check what the maximum rent is for their room.  


Foreign students

Foreign students who are in the Netherlands for a few months often face other problems. Usually they get a contract for a fixed number of months and they cannot end the contract before the agreed date. If for example, a student intends to stay six months but leaves after two months, he has to pay the full six months of rent. During the remaining four months, the room is empty. It cannot be rented to a Dutch student because it is legally not possible to cancel the rent after- in this example-  four months.

The Woonbond (organisation that supports people who rent a house/room) and student organisations say that creative solutions are needed for empty rooms, and students need to be able to end their contract if they leave earlier. Foreign students are already vulnerable because they don’t know what the housing rules are in the Netherlands. The Woonbond is considering going to court and student organisations support this plan.


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