The Hague plans to attract start-ups with an international impact

22 Nov 2015 | Genoveva Geppaart

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The Netherlands is attractive for start-ups. It is sometimes called the “Silicon Valley of Europe.” Now, The Hague has launched a special plan to attract promising start-ups which have an international impact and strive to make the world better.

The Hague represents a unique hub that connects start-ups with governments, international companies, research centres, studios, and thousands of creative entrepreneurs. Whether it’s a United Nations organization, one of the many NGOs, art schools, or start-ups,  The Hague, as the international city of peace and justice, works on social and global challenges and builds solutions that work.

Economic success goes hand-in-hand with social impact. Or it can anyway – and it should. In The Hague, it is called “impact economy.” It’s an economy that has an enormous potential to grow – and create beautiful things that benefit all of us. That’s why the city is investing in people, places, experiments, and ideas.

Some examples which are in progress are:

  • developing drones that are being used in emergency situations.
  • designing smart phone applications that help manage the use of water in risk areas.
  • growing mushrooms on the coffee grounds of corporate companies.
  • building smart authentication tools that give access to delicate information to only the right people.
  • developing power planes that generate and transform alternative energy.

The city of The Hague has a budget of six million euro available for this plan during the period 2015-2018.


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