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6 Mar 2013 | ACCESS

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By Sonia Nding

An expat wife’s memoir of lost identity

An Inconvenient Posting’ is an autobiographical memoir, that can be read as a novel, by Laura J Stephens, a British psychotherapist, about her life as expat wife and her unexpected depression.

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For Laura and her family, a move to Houston appeared as a great adventure, an American dream. Having already completed a posting abroad, followed by a stint in her home country, where she trained as a psychotherapist, she believed that another move would be straightforward. She couldn’t have been more wrong. She did not expect such differences between the UK and USA, she struggled with a loss of identity and confusion compared with her past life. She slowly sank into depression and wanted to discover the causes of the depression to find a way back to herself.


This book, written with honesty, hope and humour, is for anyone lost in depression, struggling with loss - of identity, home, family or friends, and also for anyone facing a move or a posting, it gives good advice for any expat.

The book also contains a second part which consists of a comprehensive self-help section with tips on building emotional resilience while on the move, how to recognise depression and the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of a depressive episode – written by the therapist who has been there. There is also an interesting section on recommended resources.

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