Expat Life Slice by Slice

21 Feb 2013 | ACCESS

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by Roy Lie A Tjam

Slice by Slice
Title Expat Life Slice by Slice
Author Apple Gidley
Publisher Summertimepublishing
Price €12.99








I had the privilege of meeting Apple Gidley at the launching of this book at the Expat Archive Centre The Hague on 21 June 2012. In Slice by Slice she takes you with her on her fascinating journey of being an expat in Nigeria, Malaysia, Holland and even Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. In fact, a great raconteur, Apple's life has been spent in countries all over the world.


Despite a life on the go, Apple managed to create her own identity along the, sometimes arduous, expat journey. Throughout the scenes - or 'slices' - of her life, Apple kept her joy. She truly believed there was no mountain high enough to stop her; an invincible woman.


As you read Expat Life Slice By Slice, you become aware of her extraordinary cultural awareness and how she is accepting of local customs and traditions and doesn't try to adapt them to  European culture.


She earns kudos for the manner in which she treats those who have no prominent position in society. She acts with genuine respect and dignifies people, which is an outstanding quality rarely seen nowadays. You can sense it in the way she writes about the local people who helped raise her in the various countries where she lived with her parents.


With her optimistic approach to life Apple's memoir Expat Life Slice By Slice is a source of inspiration to the reader. It is an encouragement to new expats and a reassurance to long-time ones. The book equips you to deal with your new challenges in your leap to the unknown. The twelve Take-Away Slices alone will furnish you with a fascinating insight into the mythical expat land.


Apple refers to herself as the epitome of a global nomad. "I am happy wherever I am", she concludes, "and home is where you are happy."


A great book! It was very revelatory to me.

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