Expat Women : confessions - Book review

1 Apr 2013 | ACCESS

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By Sonia Nding


50 Answers to your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad

‘Expat Women: Confessions’ is a useful Question & Answer book based on the advice column of www.expatwomen.com.  The authors, Andrea Martins co-founder of the website and Victoria Hepworth volunteer in this organisation, have gathered questions and answers of six main topics of expatriation: settling in, career and money, raising children, relationships, mixed emotions and repatriation. This book shares the good and the ‘ugly’ of being or becoming an expat woman.

The book brings to light many questions, issues and frustations that arise when living abroad. It deals also with hot and sensitive topics (domestic violence, infidelity…). No judgement is made, whatever the question is. The answers are written with empathy, give encouragement and wise suggestions are proposed.

It is written with honesty and is accessible for anyone.


       Expat Women_confessions

If you are an expat-to-be, you may find useful advice, a source of guidance and good tips to prepare your expat life. If you are already an expat, you may find great suggestions in the topics you are concerned.

If you have a close friend or a family member who is an expat, you may understand the reality of an expat life


  • ISBN 978-0-9808236-0-8
  • Andrea Martins & Victoria Hepworth
  • Published by Expat Women Enterprises
  • www.expatwomen.com       
  • 274 pages
  • A Q&A manual
  • €18.52 paperback / €7.15 Kindle format



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